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Cutting-edge way to launch your app fast

webappboost is a minimalistic yet powerful Next.js template with all the latest tech preconfigured. Build your next SaaS project, save weeks of work and launch what your customers will love.


Industry-leading technologies

Your all-in-one SaaS Starter Kit, with all the necessary tools and tech stack for your next project. With just a few clicks, you're ready to ship your SaaS venture.

Google Tag Manager

Boost your app, launch fast and get profits

Effortlessly manage user logins, create content, streamline payments, turbocharge your email communications, localise into many languages and many other. Say goodbye to tedious API integration tasks. webappboost equips you with ready-to-use code to accelerate your startup's launch.


Preconfigured TypeScript monorepo project using truly best in class Next.js and Turborepo, following modular structure.

Styles & Dark Mode

Accessible mobile-friendly component library using Radix UI and shadcn/ui, TailwindCSS, automatic Dark Mode, lucide icons and pre-made landing page sections.


SEO-friendly and PWA-ready, inclduing meta tags, autogenerated RSS, robots.txt and sitemap.xml, favicons and icons.


User authentication with next-auth, including login, signup, signout, reset password flows, email confirmation, two-factor, user roles, protected pages/APIs, magic links and saving users to database.


Battle tested and flexible Prisma ORM with MongoDB integration allows to shape your data quickly. Quickly replace with any other database if needed.

Blog & CMS

Integrated Blog pages and CMS using Sanity which also comes with fully-customisable studio for content creators. No .md files moving around.


OpenAI is integrated using Vercel AI. Build your next amazing AI tool. Quickly replace with any other AI prodiver if needed.


Send transactional and marketing emails using SendGrid and react-email's embedded visual editor. Subscribe your audience to a newsletter. Replace SendGrid with any other provider if needed.


Tier-based subscriptions and payments are supported using industry-leading Stripe.


Google Tag Manager is there out of the box and it is easy to connect any other analytics tools.

Dev Tools

All the dev tools for linting, formatting and testing are set up for you: ESLint with the Airbnb config guide, Secretlint, commitlint, Jest, lint-staged and Prettier.


A no-sweat tutorial is there. I am also available for any questions you might have regarding setup and development.

Choose a Bundle

Boost your SaaS development using webappboost, preconfigured Next.js boilerplate project. Choose a template bundle that suits your needs better.

Basic Bundle

Starter project

  • TypeScript turborepo project
  • Next.js boilerplate
  • UI components & Dark Mode
  • Landing Page
  • CMS-connected blog
  • Production-ready SEO
  • Dev tools
  • 5-min deployment
  • Basic support
Get once, use for unlimited projects.

Pro Bundle

Starter project + SaaS ready

Launch offer
  • Everything from Basic and
  • User authentication
  • Configured database
  • Google & other analytics
  • Payments
  • Emails
  • AI
  • Error handling
  • Internationalisation
  • Premium support
Buy once, use for unlimited projects.

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